Pencil on paper

Original size: 28 x 32 cm

Channa Dorje (Varjapāni)

Traditional Thangka Painting by

Thomas Yeshe Dalarud

Channa Dorje (Sanskrit: Varjapāni, from Sanskrit vajra, ”thunderbolt” or ”diamond” and pāṇi, lit. ”in the hand”) is one of the earliest Bodhisattvas of Mahayana Buddhism. He is the protector and guide of the Buddha, and rose to symbolize the Buddha's power. Vajrapani is used extensively in Buddhist iconography as one of the three protective deities surrounding the Buddha. Each of them symbolizes one of the Buddha's virtues: Mañjuśrī —the manifestation of all the Buddha’s wisdom, Avalokiteśvara—the manifestation of all the Buddhas' compassion and Vajrapani —the manifestation of all the Buddha’s power.

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Detail of Chana Dorje

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