Ink & brush on paper

Original size: 20 x 27 cm

Lama Tsa Tsa Drubgen Rinpoche

Traditional Thangka Painting by

Thomas Yeshe Dalarud

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Detail of face of

Lama Tsa Tsa Drubgen Rinpoche,

performing the mudra of Union

Kyabje Tsa Tsa Drubgen Rinpoche is the Abbot of Tsa Tsa Monastery in eastern Tibet. His is the eighth incarnation and some of his other names are Yizhin Norbu, —”Whish-full-filling Jewel”, Karma Singhe and the White Crown Master.

He is an accomplished Varja Master of the Shangpa, and Kagyupa lineages.

Rinpoche is one of the very few high lamas that chose to remain in Tibet even after the arrival of the chinese occupation forces in the 1950:th.

For more details on the life Kyabje Tsa Tsa Drubgen Rinpoche, please visit this site >

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