Distemper on canvas

Original painting size: 42 x 61 cm

Dorje Chang (Varjadhara)

Traditional Thangka Painting by

Thomas Yeshe Dalarud

Dorje Chang (Sanskrit: Varjadhara) is the ”Primordial Buddha” of the Sarma Schools of transmissions in Tibet. Dorje Chang (Varja-holder) is said to be both the true nature of ones guru to meditate on in the various forms of guru-yoga practices that exists within each tradition. It is also the iconographic symbol of the meditators own true nature (Buddha-nature) inherent in all living beings. This Buddha is male and is holding a Dorje (Varja) in his right hand symbolizing Skillful Means or Compassion and a bell (Tib; Drilbu) in his left hand, symbolizing Perfected Wisdom. The two arms are crossed in a gesture, –Chagya (Mudra) of perfect union. He is sitting in the perfect Lotus-posture with his two legs crossed in the gesture of Tingedzin (Samadhi), –perfect meditative absorption.

Dorje Chang is depicted in the deep-blue color of Chöku (Dharmakaya), –the body of Enlightenment itself. The primordial mind devoid of content. He is also adorned with the silk and ornaments of the ”Enjoyment Body” of Longschö tsogpe ku (Sambhogakaya), –the manifestation of compassion and communication linking the Chöku (Dharmakaya) with the manifest Body of the world, Trulku (Nirmanakaya).

Dorje Chang is sitting on a lion-throne, the varja-throne of power of a Universal Ruler.

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Detail of the mudra of Perfect Union

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Details of the Head and Crown ornaments

Detail of the Lion-throne