Thomas Dalarud is a 55 years old visual artist that, since childhood, have chosen the image as his main means of expression. He grew up with oil paint and drawing as his main interest. Over time, Thomas also discovered other ways to express himself through the medium of imagery. In his art studies in the 70's and 80's he also found his way to the camera and its special opportunities. He spent much of his earlier years in dingily and smelly darkrooms, so typical for the pre-digital era. Later, in the 1990s, Thomas devoted himself to painting and graphic design in many forms. Lately, he has found his way back to photography as one of his ways of manifesting his inner life again. This time exploring the possibilities that the recent digital development have created and he feels that that have opened new doors and opportunities for him to express himself through photography yet again.

Thomas is also currently involved in developing his expressions within the various possibilities of fine art printmaking such as woodcut, intaglio and various other mixed technics within the traditional print methods from earlier ages.



Due to his deep interest in the natural environment Thomas has chosen to live in Dalarna, Sweden were he finds himself surrounded by the natural beauty of central Scandinavia. Prior to that, For many years, Thomas traveled and lived in other parts of the world and slowly did a deep love and sense of connection with nature emerged in him. His visual relationship with the world should be seen in that light. As one of his on-going projects he have chosen to ”stay local” and engage with the immediate natural landscape around him. Rather than hunt around for special "trophies" Thomas has tried to train themselves to experience the magic of the "everyday-kind-of-wonders" in his environment. -”It is all about giving up ambition and remaining as natural as possible in your relationship with nature. The magic is there, but don’t look for it! Maintain internal silence and let nature do the talking! See, but do not look!”


Are you interested in getting in touch with Thomas, this is where he lives:

Thomas Dalarud

Herrhagsvägen 35, SE-791 75 Falun, Sweden

Phone: +46-(0)70-563 58 48